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Many traders try to simplify their work substantially and look for different automated systems on the web. We offer you free binary option trading signals. This tool is an online publication based on the binary options indicators, as well as a publication of the buyers’ and sellers’ ratio from different brokers.

Free trading signals

Free binary options trading signals: informers

You can find different free adaptive trading signals for binary options on our web-site. Currently, we provide information on the buyers’ and sellers’ ratio, models that are based on the application of the moving average, as well as on the application of other indicators.

Call/Put ratio

Buyers’ and sellers’ ratio is a fairly simple type of obtaining information on the assumed price movement. This system is absolutely free. If the buyers’ percentage is higher, then the majority of the market’s participants consider the further growth of the asset. Consequently, if the sellers’ percentage is higher, the majority of people consider the further decline of the asset. For a trader it is enough to view the diagram of the buyers’ and sellers’ ratio to determine, who is prevailing on the underlying asset chosen by him.

Work with the moving averages

As for the determination of the entry points that are shown by the moving averages, everything here is fairly simple too. In the special table you have to pay attention to those records that come from various types of the moving averages with different periods. This being said, the program shows what certain actions a trader has to take in accordance with the periodicity of the simple moving average. Given the fact that data on each of three types of the moving averages (simple, exponential and weighted) is taken into account in six periods, in the aggregate we get a reliable trading signal on all of the specified timeframes. Naturally, for purposes of strengthening we recommend using additional free indicators that are introduced to the contemporary market in a large amount.

Technical indicators in work

Also, fairly strong trading signals are given by the special widget that comprises several binary options indicators. RSI, StochRSI, CCI, Williams%R, ROC, Ultimate oscillator can be named among such auxiliary tools. Each of these tools gives its own recommendations which can be used for the traders’ guidance. The main task is to determine the indicator that will be observed by the trader. After this, it is necessary to pay attention and view what certain entry point is given. You can read about this and other indicators in greater detail in the respective section. For the strengthening of the effect we recommend using additional binary options analytical tools.


Another interesting and free informer that can help beginners in trading is the free Technical summary. Based on the certain mathematical calculations, this widget generates trading signals for the lot’s buying or sale in four time intervals: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, one hour and one day. Among underlying assets the following assets are represented: major currency pairs, main commodities, indices and the most popular stocks.

Thus, free binary options trading signals substantially simplify traders’ work. Traders have no need to conduct independent markets’ analysis; they can be guided by the trading signals and trade only in accordance with them. This possibility will be especially preferred by those who have started to be engaged in binary options only recently.

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