Binary Option Trading Course

In order to succeed in any business you need to have some knowledge. Of course, a binary options trading is not an exception. One should know here at the least the basics in order to start trading successfully. This is the reason why our Internet-resource has created the Binary options course.

The course “Binary Options”- table of contents

The training plan for beginners is composed of eight lessons. Each one describes a particular sphere which is required to the trader at the initial stage. Our school graduates will be able trading with any binary options broker just a few hours upon the training course has been started. So, the following are the things you are able learn during our online training course:

  1. What are binary options?
  2. The types of binary options
  3. The complex types of binary options
  4. The analysis of binary options
  5. Binary options chart
  6. Binary options’ trading strategies
  7. The payment systems
  8. The choice of a broker

And now more detailed description of each lesson


The first unit of this course explains what the binary options are. Novice traders will receive a basic knowledge about the subject matter and will sort out who the brokers are, the role they play to the trader, and, apart from that, deal directly with such issues as the time interval in trading, the expiration of binary options and the fixed profit.


Following the basis received after the first lesson, traders can move on to explore the binary options. In the second lesson, they can find out what types of binary options exist and the advantages of each one. The lesson is equipped with illustrations, facilitating trader to understand the subject matter and look through the principles of operation of each type of binary options.


In the third lesson of the course we will examine professional and  consequently, the best types of binary options (in particular - "Black Dragon"). Despite the fact that this type of binary options is more suitable for professional traders, newcomers can also try their hand a tit.


In order to start trading profitably you must be able to analyze markets. Currently there are two types of market analysis: technical and fundamental. During the fourth lesson the traders can decide themselves, which particular way they would prefer to go in the future: that is to say, whether they would like to analyze the impact of economic factors on market or completely devote themselves to charts examination.


The fifth lesson deals with binary options charts, in particular, those types, which exist as of today. In general, all traders use the lines, bars or Japanese candles. What exactly to choose, each student should determine by himself. The types of charts differ not only visually, but also functionally. Each one is explained in detail during this lesson, equipped with illustrations as an example.


The sixth unit of the course «Binary options for beginners» tells about the strategy of binary options. We recommend our students to learn this lessons for the proper use  of the binary options strategy afterwards.


To start trading binary options it is necessary to deposit your account. This could be done in different ways. At the same time, you should keep in mind that brokers work with a variety of payment systems. The main and most popular money input methods, and what is more important, money withdrawal, will be discussed at the seventh lesson of the course.


And finally, binary options trading is impossible without a broker. Who are the binary options brokers, what are their functions and how to choose a broker – a trader can learn about all this information in the eighth lesson of this course. Above all, with the help of this lesson he studies how to choose a broker and who can be reliable binary options broker.


The course “Binary Options - advantages and disadvantages”

The main advantage of this course is its shortness. In principle, any novice trader passing through the course can start binary options trading. Another question is whether he should actually do it. Definitely - not. This course was designed to give the beginners an opportunity to skim over the binary options market.

Binary Options Course gives only a brief overview of the market. Therefore, we strongly recommend to return to the section «Binary options trading» at the end of the course for more complex information.


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