Economic Calendar for Binary Options Trading

Binary options economic calendar

Economic calendar plays a critical part in the work of the binary trader. Almost every trader uses it in the course of his work occasionally to get information of his interest. Even those who are far out from using the fundamental analysis in their work, pay attention to the publication of important macroeconomic statistics in order to remain out of the market at this time or, on the contrary, to catch a short-term trend that can be caused by the certain news.

As already mentioned, macroeconomic data of different states are published in the economic calendar binary options. All of these data can be conventionally divided by the extent of their influence on the markers. The special attention has to be paid to important macroeconomic data that can seriously influence the market’s volatility after its publication.

These data include the following:

  1. Interest rates of Central Banks. Interest rates of the world’s largest Central Banks are published each month. These data can cause serious market movements. Along with the announcement of decisions on interest rates, speeches of the central banks’ heads are declared. In these speeches officials explain the current situation and the economic growth potential.
  2. Gross domestic product can also be considered as one of the most important macroeconomic indicators of the certain state. These data are expressed in percents. The economic calendar publishes both preliminary and current data, as well as summary data for the quarter. Gross domestic product reflects the state of the economy.
  3. Unemployment rate and inflation. These indexes are also important aspects of the economic growth of the certain state. Unemployment rate indexes can be published in both percentage and leading indicators that show, for example, amount of those people who have applied to receive unemployment benefits. As for inflation, its index is not published in the pure form. However, it can be found, if we look, for example, to the statistics of the consumer price index.

For more information on working with the Economic calendar you can read the User’s guide.

Thus, binary options economic calendar is an important tool in the hands of the trader that helps him to make his trade more consistent and profitable.

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