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Binary options charts strategies, in opposition to other types of binary options strategy, are based on the graphical patterns. Graphical patterns appear from time to time on binary options charts. Today they are more than ten. However most often it is possible to meet only some of them on the charts. The most popular models of the graphical analysis are taken out in separate strategy.

Binary options charts strategies – patterns review

One of the most widespread figures of the graphical analysis is the Head and shoulders. This figure can be created both in the growing market, and on the decreasing one. As a result of working out this graphical pattern, there is a change of the current market direction to the opposite side. That is the graphical pattern the Head and shoulders signals the trader about the fast change of a trend. It is necessary to buy binary options only after the confirmation of working out the model.

Triangle is one more rather widespread model on the chart. This graphical pattern is very similar to the geometrical figure which it received its name from. He can speak to the trader about tendency continuation, and about its reverse, depending on where it is formed. Also, it is important to pay attention to what triangle is created on the chart. Now some types of this model are studied which in turn, have various drills.

Very often the price touches several times this or that extremum before developing to the opposite side. And the strategy the Bottom-top is grounded on the search of these situations. Thus, there can be both two, and three touches before there will be a reverse. So the pattern double top - trople top or a double bottom - a trople bottom can be formed on the chart.

Also, Wedge is rather popular binary options graph strategy. This figure is similar to a triangle; however it has the features and therefore is allocated in a separate pattern. The figure of the graphical analysis wedge is met in two types: the bull wedge says that the market will soon be developed up, and bear one warns that sellers will soon dominate in the market.

Aside from the graphical strategy of binary options which specify a possible trend reverse and recommend buying at top and selling at bottom, it is possible to name those, which signalize that the current movement will continue. The Pennant and Flag refer to them, first of all. Such figures of the graphical analysis specify on temporary break which is taken by market players to continue descending or rising after the pause.

Binary options charts strategies – the full list

Certainly we listed only the part of strategies which graphical models of the technical analysis are used in. We represent you the complete list of such kind strategies. All graphical strategies of binary options which can be found on our resource have not only its description, but also accurate recommendations, in what situation it is necessary to buy this or that option.

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