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What is the binary options live chart?

​Basically, Binary options live charts help a trader to know the market better and to make more accurate forecasts. Trader sees not the dull listings which give a very small amount of information, but a graphical presentation on the current situation in the market, as well as on the previous market movements.

Charts of the live type are an excellent trader’s tools that work with a technical analysis. Charts work online, as well as the binary options economic calendar, allowing getting up-to-date data regarding the market changes. Charts can be customized at your own wish. For example, if a trader trades on the short expiration terms of binary options, he can choose small time scales from one to fifteen minutes. Those who buy binary options with an expiration term at the end of a trading day can choose time scales from fifteen minutes to four hours.

Binary options live chart parameters

Binary options trading with expiration term at the end of the week is represented in the live chart by time scales from four hours to one day. And for the long-term traders, in the other words, those who trade binary options with expiration in one month or even more, time scales from one day to month will be the most appropriate.

Paying attention to the types of binary options charts is also important. Those who conduct technical analysis can use both lines and Japanese candlesticks in their work. Apart from three traditional types of binary options live charts (line, bar, Japanese candlesticks) there are also kagi, point and figure, empty candlesticks and heiken ashi.

Apart from all mentioned above, on the binary options free live charts it is also possible to find indicators that will help a trader in finding signals for the purchase of Put or Call binary options. List of the binary options indicators is rather broad. All auxiliary tools that are very popular among the binary options traders, the Forex market’s currency profiteers and investors are represented in this list. You can find the complete list, as well as the detailed review of indicators, in the section Indicators.

The trading tools’ choice allows getting a graphic display of the majority of the most popular basic assets that are currently used with the binary options trading. Those assets can be Forex currency pairs, stocks, goods and different indices. Therefore, the binary options live chart is a very important tool used by traders in their daily activity. Using all of the chart extensions and following the binary options signals at the same time, even beginners will obtain good results. And, as it is commonly known, good result in the financial field means hard cash! You can get more detailed information on working with this tool in the User’s guide.

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