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One of the most popular topics in the modern traders’ community is the binary options trading signals. In this section we will try to explore this topic to the greatest possible extent by presenting a maximum of objective information about these trading signals. We will tell you about different trading signals and suppliers, who generate them. In addition, we will provide reviews of all major automatic systems that exist on the binary market today.

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It is an open secret that all of us want to work less, but earn much. This rule works in the financial markets like anywhere else. All traders look for the methods that will allow them to sit at a computer the less amount of time. At the same time, they want their profit not to shrinkage, but preferably to grow. Well, this is our psychology and the market had to respond with its supply to such demand. The first suppliers of the binary options trading signals have appeared in the binary market this year.

What are binary options trading signals?

Imagine the following situation: you are sitting on the seaside holding a cocktail in your hand. Suddenly you receive a message on your Iphone 5 (it was gifted to you by one of the brokers). The message says that the quote EUR/USD will go up in 10 minutes. After this, you turn on the broker’s trading application in no hurry and make a 15-minute bet in the amount of 1000$ on the abovementioned asset. In the same no hurry manner you go up to your five-star hotel room and take a shower. In 15 minutes accurately you open trading platform again, this time you do it with IPad3 (gifted to you by another broker) and check your bet. After this, in the same no hurry manner you walk down to the restaurant where you have scheduled a date with a charming woman (or a young man) from the adjacent hotel room. You are calm, confident and rich BECAUSE YOU HAVE JUST EARNED 800$ IN 15 MINUTES!!!  

Perfect picture, isn’t it? I am sure that the vast majority of traders have such dreams few times a week. By the way, this is what binary options trading signals are. To be more accurate, this is how their suppliers describe them. This picture is so beautiful and tempting that I don’t want to spoil it… But I have to do this.

Unfortunately, my friends, all this is a utopia. And like any other ideal it is unachievable. In fact, everything is much more prosaic. But in the beginning let’s understand how these signals are generated. Practically speaking, they can be divided into three types:

Automatic systems of binary options trading signals

Many of us try to foresee the quotes’ movement on the chart using technical analysis. On the pages of this website you will find a vast amount of material on this type of analysis, so there is no need to go into explanations. The majority of the technical traders sit at their computers trying to determine the certain graphical model or understand indicators’ signals. But the technologies forge ahead and currently there are automatic trading systems that do this difficult work instead of a trader

In other words, these are the robots whose operating algorithm includes the following: figures, wave theory, Fibonacci numbers, indicators, etc. Robots interpret the received information into the binary options signals, which are sent to the trader’s trading platform, telephone or e-mail. Naturally, developers of such programs keep their operating algorithm confidential, so the only thing a trader can do is to trust signals that are generated by this binary options robot.

Advantages of such-like tools are clear enough. They simplify trader’s activity substantially and the only thing a trader has to do is to press a button. However, recently there have been many discussions about the creation of fully automatic robots that will not only generate the binary options trading signals, but also conclude the deals independently. Similar practice already exists in the Forex market and it is realistic that it will appear in the binary options in the nearest time too.

In our project we give the detailed review and commentaries on two the largest and the most popular automatic systems of binary options trading signals:

AutobinaryEA is a system developed and implemented in the market by the binary options broker CedarFinance. This machine has caused fairly violent disputes between traders. We will try to sort out the situation.

Algobit is a new, but a very promising robot that has replaced the original platform of binary options broker OptionBit. Having appeared in the market a month ago, it has already left its competitors well behind.

Binary options trading signals: private suppliers

If you explore specific websites fairly often, you can see the offers to buy signals from different traders and companies. It is a very widespread type of binary options trading signals too. But unlike the previous one, this type of signal is generated not my machines, but by humans.

Private traders or traders’ communities create such signals according to their own strategies and practices. Of course, in their work they use the same tools, as machines do, but unlike the machines, they are humans and therefore can use psychological factors in an appropriate manner. However, disadvantages are evident here too. Given the fact that the private traders have no software and access to the brokers’ platforms, distribution of the binary options trading signals can be carried out only by SMS messages or e-mail. Of course, it complicates the trader’s work, but not much. For this reason, such signals stay very popular among the binary options traders.

Of course, such market supply is much greater than the supply of automatic systems. But finding really worthwhile signals’ suppliers among them is fairly difficult. But this subject will be discussed in the next section.

Free trading signals for buying of binary options

Oddly enough, but the free stuff in the financial markets exists. Actually, several large websites on the investment subject (including ours) provide traders with the free trading signals for the different binary options. It looks like the interactive widgets that are embedded in the website’s pages and generate trading signals of the different types.

They are mainly based on the recommendations received from the technical analysis main indicators. We will consider them in more detail in the next sections.

Of course, free trading signals do not have a high degree of reliability, but they are recommended for the beginners in trading as an auxiliary tool for building and testing of strategies.

Binary options trading signals: what the reality is   

After we have familiarized with the binary options signals’ types, we can move directly to the exploding of a myth about an easiness of the trader’s being. If you still remember the beginning of our article, then you might have a natural question in your mind: if there are so many types of signals and different suppliers, then why an idea about their quality is a utopia?

There are several reasons for this. The first one refers to the field of the technical analysis. Even the leaders of this scientific approach to the market’s analysis have always mentioned that it is inconstant and complex. In general, technical analysis is an excellent approach to the binary options trading. But it is good specifically in general, when there is a countless amount of factors and not the base from 2-3 indicators. The experienced traders build strategies that are based on several approaches to the analysis and it gives much more reliable result. In a discussion of the free trading signals we have mentioned that it is only an auxiliary tool. And it cannot possibly become the basis for the trading strategy. This is because this type of signals is not reliable.

Automatic binary options trading systems use the technical analysis in their algorithms too. Of course, they do it in the much more massive and diversified manner than the free applications and normally they have to give more reliable result. However, in the reality the system has a human who has written this algorithm behind. If you build your trade upon the robots’ signals ONLY, you will transfer your money to this human. And this human may not be fair. It is proved by the countless amounts of useless trading robots that have flooded the Forex market. Of course, situation with binary options is not that difficult, but nevertheless there are swindlers here too. If you still want to use the machine for the generation of the binary options trading signals, do this cautiously and suspiciously. Eventually, it will help you to save your deposit at a critical juncture. We try to review all major players in this market, so we strongly encourage the beginners in trading and other traders to keep an eye on our reviews and recommendations.

Private suppliers’ matter is a separate matter for a discussion. As mentioned above, finding a supplier of the ACCURATE binary options signals (and not only of this) is not only difficult, but almost impossible. Apart from all the reasons described above, there is a rational question also: if a man knows how to generate the accurate signals and can use it in trade, why does he need to make money on its sale? It seems irrational and everything irrational threatens the loss of a deposit. Of course, there are exceptions. And we will test and describe the signals of such suppliers on our website. But these exceptions only confirm the main rule of working with signals of any type:

Binary options trading signals can be used only as an auxiliary tool for analysis. They can’t be the main strategy of a trader and certainly they can’t be the main strategy for the beginner in trading.

Binary options trading signals: additional information

We would like to offer you additional articles on the signals’ subject. We sincerely hope that this information will help both beginners and experienced traders in working with the binary options trading signals.

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