Binary options trading strategies

Any trader, trading on financial markets comes to conclusion early or late that for the performance rise he needs to use the certain binary options strategy. In this case strategy is understood as the set of rules which need to be observed in the process of market research, and straightforward, in the course of opening or closing the transactions. Also the same concerns binary options. After all for example for choosing the direction of future movement of this or that tool, and to buy Put or Call option, the trader needs to determine, whether the chosen tool will grow in the price or fall.


Strategies for the binary options

Binary options strategy with the analytical component is used for it. It helps the trader to make the right choice of future price movements. Thus, it can be based  on the fundamental analysis (the type of market forecasting based on studying of the macroeconomic condition of this or that state, and also world economy in whole), or on the technical analysis (the type of market forecasting based on studying of price charts).

It should be noted that applying the binary options, strategies can be most various, including the use of the fundamental analysis. We have made up for you the list of all known strategies of binary options. The majority of the most known trade systems are grounded on the basis of technical analysis as it is more evident. Looking at the schedule, it is possible to notice that some price movements are analogous with each other. It is also possible to see that the prices for tools move in certain directions from time to time. If the conversation drifts to currency tools, it is visible on chart how the prices for them move in certain channels, as if clamped between two lines which can be lined on extremum. Being based already on these notices, it is possible to get profit from buying Put or Call binary options of forecasting , based on studying of price charts)..

On the flip side, binary options strategies provide not only by the signals helping the trader to trade profitably. It requires, first of all, discipline and psychological concentration. If the trader doesn't follow all requirements of chosen strategy for his work clearly, he makes a serious mistake which can result to loss of his equities. Thus, it has no sense, what market he works at. Only the strict observance of all trade systems rules will give the best result. In more details we tell about rules in work with strategy at School of the trader on the Lesson 6. Trade strategy. Study the lesson provided there and return to the section Binary Options of Strategy.

Searches of the best strategy for binary options trade are rather popular among traders. All look for their Holy Grail, but it remains inaccessible as before.

Binary options – simple strategies


The strategies not demanding any additional knowledge or difficult auxiliary tools from the trader refer to the simple binary option strategies. Some of them refer not rather than the binary options trade but to the trader's behavior. Here it is possible to refer the strategy-capital management of "Money management" and strategy "Risk minimization". These strategies shall become a basic stone for acquaintance with the world of binary options for beginning traders.

Applying binary options strategies is very important. Strategy on "Martingale" is the simplest of them. Its essence is that the trader doubles amount of options purchases constantly if in the previous time, the transaction was unsuccessful. As a result, the doubled amount will cover the previous loss. In practice such system of trade can be very dangerous. Experienced traders try not to practice upon it and use only with additional tools

It's possible to refer such strategies as Trade on news and the Statistical method to the simple binary options strategy.

Those who want to minimize their risks from binary options trade can address to strategy Strangle. Its sense is in that the trader buys one option at starting, for example, Put, and at once opens the transaction for buying another option, Call. Further, the trader watches the market. After he determines, in what direction the price will move, he can close that transaction which is opened against the market movement.

Binary options graph strategies


Studying of the technical analysis is necessary for any trader, wishing to become the professional of his business. And first of all in order to learn using the binary option strategies based on the technical analysis.

Beginning traders are recommended to start using of the Binary options graph strategies with parallel studying of the appropriate theoretical sections in our Encyclopedia of the technical analysis for binary options. It is necessary to study and practice on system - from simple to difficult.

Strategy "trade on a trend" is the fundamental strategy of binary options with use of the chart. Also it is possible to use strategy in the trade which is based on creation the resistance line (it is drawn on price maximums on the chart) and support lines (it is drawn on price minimums on the chart). This strategy works on currency tools especially profitable. Its essence consists in opening Put options at price realization of the resistance line, and Call options – support lines.

Those who make out not bad enough in the technical analysis can be recommended the strategies of using the graphical figures. First of all, it is possible to note, the strategy "Head-shoulders". It, as well as other similar systems, is based on recognition the certain graphical models on a price chart. The exact determination of such kind figures on the chart gives the trader an accurate signal for trade. Also, traders can consider such strategies, as: "Triangle", "Flag", "Pennant", etc.

Binary options – indicator’s strategy


Binary options strategy with use of indicators – it’s the main tool of the professional trader. Indicators are the graphical indexes of complicated mathematical and statistical calculations removed to the chart by means of special widgets. The signals received by traders from indicators are considered rather strong therefore traders use this tool on a mass scale. Indicator binary options strategies are based on using one indicator, and on parallel using of several ones.

Binary options strategies – additional materials

We represent to your attention the additional articles connected with our main item - binary options strategy. Our authors tried to give the overview from the most different aspects of subject.

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