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Hello friends! You are welcome into the instructional section of our portal! In contrast to other categories which are provided in the branch The theory of binary options trading - this section is directed generally on the beginners in trading who have no work experience on Forex or other markets.


Today more and more professional traders prefer to work with binary options. The secret of growing popularity of this instrument of trade in the international financial markets is simple:

... binary options are the reliable investments of money and opportunity to gain financial independence having even small knowledge in the area of markets...

No, no and once more no!!! 

If you fall for similar statement - you will lose your money. The trader doesn't have any chance with such approach. Such kind statements are juicy only for corrupt "partners" who force absolutely unprepared beginners to the market by mobs. And it always finishes equally. Therefore if you decided to trade in this market PROFITABLY, it is necessary to go through training after all.

The section Binary Options Training is created on our resource exactly for this purpose. It one-of-a-kind and the largest selection of educational materials on the trade in the binary market. Today we develop various educational directions actively.

Binary options - individual study

Introductory course - it is intended on binary options training for newcomers. This course is created for those who have never traded in any markets and want to gain basic knowledge on this item. Training process is based on eight lessons which must give the overview to newcomer about all stages of trading - from the choice of a trade platform to the withdrawal.

Book of reference - it is the table-top book of already more experienced trader. Executed in the form of the step-by-step textbook, the encyclopedia shows the complete overview of all subjects concerning binary options trading. It’s the irreplaceable assistant for traders who have come to the market seriously and for a long time. It's not stretching matters to say that our Encyclopedia is the largest collection of educational information on binary trading nowadays.

The binary blog - it is a selection of thematic articles on binary options. There traders will be able to find a huge number of information and educational materials which the main edition of the Encyclopedia doesn't include. There is a system of comments therefore the trader will be able to express his own opinion on a discussed question in the blog.

Webinars and paid training

The largest educational resource together with the largest broker of binary options 24option declares about the series of free webinars for beginning traders.

Jointly we developed three types of webinars: introduction, technical analysis and trading psychology. According to our reckoning, these three subjects are the most actual for beginners and will become the excellent auxiliary tool in the trader's training.

Today there is a huge number of information on binary options on our resource. We try to renew the educational materials with new articles constantly. However we understand that independent training won't suit for all. The experienced mentor is the real treasure in the modern information noise. The highest class analysts work in our company with a long experience of financial subjects teaching. Therefore we offer some options of paid training for both beginning, and more experienced traders:

  • The thematic consultations - the one-on-one online consultations with leading experts of the industry. You can choose a subject of the consultation and time. Online the expert will answer any of your questions and will provide necessary information to you. Duration of the consultation is 60 minutes. Cost: $40.
    Traders who logged in using our link can get free consultation from any broker!
  • The course "Binary options for beginners" - there was a time when any professional trader was a beginner. We remember it that's why we've developed a specialization course which will allow beginning traders to enter into the swing of the work at the market quickly and without serious consequences. Three online meetings with one of our experts. Cost: $120.
    Traders who logged in using our link can get this course at 45$!
  • Course "Binary options" - the teachers of this course are the leading experts of Binarymag. It is based on 10 lessons covering all aspects of binary options trading. It is recommended to beginning traders. Course duration: 10 hour lessons online, 1-on-1 trading consultations with teacher. Cost: $500
  • Training "The personal trainer" - the unique service at the binary options market. The trader gets advices in the long-live online mode within two weeks from the experienced analyst and the teacher. The trader takes both theoretical training, and practical lessons of real trading. Duration of training is 14 days. Cost: $1000.

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