How to Trade Binary Options using Economic Indicators

A complete insight of those events that take place in world economy is required from a trader while binary option trading. Research of technical indicators exclusively is not a guarantee that an investor is able to turnover assets with profit when trading on exchange. This is due to the externalities are also in existence that based on how a national economy of leading countries is performing. Above data are essential and should be taken into account in operation.

The economic indicators use is based on benchmarks application including macroeconomic performance. These data are very important and permit to estimate a situation in commercial entities of specific country reliably.  This enables to suggest in turn about the state appeal for an investor and thus the immediate and long-term prospects of national currency development.

Economic indicators

The special tool is in existence in foreign currency trading, the tool provides information about future event as well as of that event significance for whole market. This tool is a special trading calendar. Therein the basic indicators are shown which can affect the value of assets on the market even at least. Every country possesses own economic indicators and each one describes the specific development area.  The more significant the indicator application field the more impact on market and given state currency the indicator makes respectively. For example the data release in industrial production field or property sales level has a deep impact on national currency fluctuation depending on prospects of statement in release.

The list of basic economic indicators is given below that shall be taken in account in operation of a trader

  1. Gross domestic products  (GDP)
  2. Industrial production index  (IPI)
  3. Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  4. Producer Price Index ( PPI)
  5. Average hourly earnings
  6. Fed Beige Book ( FBB)
  7. Business index
  8. Costs of production
  9. New home sales
  10. Cash inflow
  11. Unemployment rate
  12. Retail sales
  13. Jobless claims - Initial claims
  14. Housing Starts
  15. Import Price Index
  16. Export Prices
  17. Federal Budget
  18. Building permits
  19. Balance of payments
  20. Humphrey-Hawkins Testimony
  21. Employment cost index
  22. Consumer credit
  23. Capacity utilization

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