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Each trader who trades binary options has to rely on the certain information that will help him analyze and make forecasts. On the basis of these forecasts, trader will purchase the particular binary options and make money in the end.

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Economic calendar

Many people probably already know that there are two types of markets’ analysis: fundamental and technical. Fundamental analysis examines the influence of economical and political factors on the cost of certain currencies, as well as goods and market indices. If the trader chooses fundamental analysis as the basis for his trade, he will not manage to work without the Economic calendar.

The economic calendar comprises all statistical data and indices which were already published or are planned to be published. For example, a trader assumes that the US unemployment data can have a profound effect on the currency movement in the short term. In order to find out the previous value of this index and the forecast on the current value, he has to find an event in the Economic calendar and see when and at what time the publication of the regular and up-to-date data will occur. This is applicable to other events and publications too.

For the convenience of traders we have drawn up the User’s guide on the economic calendar. We strongly encourage beginners in trading to familiarize with it before starting a work with the calendar.

Binary options online chart

For those traders who prefer technical analysis as a priority the unique financial tool Binary options live chart has been created on our website. Both this chart and the Economic calendar give information on the current state of affairs in the market in online mode. It is very convenient because in order get the most up-to-date information, it is not needed to refresh the page the entire time.

Binary options chart offers traders to choose between the usages of lines, Japanese candlesticks, bars, renko and point and figure. In order to conduct an adequate analysis, as well as to use the strategies of technical analysis, a trader is provided with the different binary options indicators, which can be set on the chart in online mode. In addition, it is possible to install several technical analyses’ indicators at the same time in order to let the trader receive more accurate signals for a purchase of the certain option. We have brought the indicators’ list to the separate section for the convenience of users.

It is possible to set different time intervals on the binary options chart: from one minute to one month. Therefore, traders can conduct binary options analysis in short-, mid- and long-term perspective. Binary options chart allows a trader to choose a generous amount of binary options trader’s tools, including stocks, Forex currency pairs, indices and goods.

By the analogy with the Calendar, we have drawn up the User’s guide on the binary options charts. The main principles of working with the chart’s widget are described and illustrated in the guide.

Therefore, binary option traders tool represented on our website will be a grant aid in the binary options trading.

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