Binary Options Strategy Using Indicators

For the purpose of profitable trading it is necessary to use binary options strategy for a trader. Three types of strategies are in existence- they are simple ones, chart and indicator strategies. Binary options indicators are used in the latter strategy type at root.

Indicator strategies list:


  1. 20 points per day (new)
  2. Trend method (new)
  3. Two Stochastics
  4. Bollinger Bands
  5. Three Indicators
  6. Day - Hour
  7. Precise Entry
  8. Trend -line
  9. Tunnel Trading
  10. Medium Term Trade
  11. Pivot and Candlestick
  12. Chinkou Span
  13. Ichimoku cloud
  14. Breakout and Bounce
  15. Profitable takeover
  16. Golden cross
  17. Profitable Box
  18. Gap Closing
  19. RSI Index

Binary options strategy using indicators

Any binary options strategy may be employed both one and several indicators collectively. These same accessory tools signal the trader what to do in one or another situation. It should be noted strategies with indicators use no refers to simple ones. It is required to know how some or other indicator operates in order to work with them.

Taking into account that a great many binary options indicators are in existence currently, the number of strategies with indicator use is also large. Moreover any trader can build up own strategy alone using proper set of accessory tools. To do so he is required to choose underlying asset whereby he will trade, to select a time length and monitor how one or another indicator will operate.

How to do business with binary options strategy by indicators use

Once a trader has been mastered to receive trading signals he is able to start working with strategy. There is no opportunity virtually to use demo account at the binary options market. However it’s fine to try learning how a strategy proceeds and what signals it will generate in one or another situation using our binary options chart.

It is fairly simple to do it. Necessary indicator or indicators (if there will be several ones in strategy) of binary options are set on the chart and then a trader starts to monitor trading signals development.

As soon as one or another signal is occurred a trader can record it into trader’s diary. At that it is necessary to record the time within which a trader would trade with binary option (that is an expiration approximate time). For example if a trader counts to use a strategy within 10 minutes he shall monitor where the price will be in the chart in 10 minutes.

Now suppose that a trader received a signal for a Call option purchase with foreign currency derivative USD –JPY at 10.00 o’clock. The price in asset was at 101.30 level at that time. A trader prefers to trade with ten minute options. He shall note as follows: at 10.00 o’clock he purchases the Call binary options at the price of 101.30 with expiration term in 10 minutes. When 10 minutes have elapsed the trader monitors what has changed at the market. If the trader so scheduled to purchase the Call option in order to earn a profit the price shall be above 101.30 level. Therefore if in 10 minutes precisely, so at 10.10 the price is assets will be 101.31 at least, it means the trader earns a profit. Provided the price will be below that of 101.30, for example 101.29 ,it means the trader suffered losses.

In such a manner it is possible to test any binary options strategy. However it should be remembered that such method as it is more or less efficient, it is not worth abusing it. Any strategy will produce a profit only if a trader will keep himself well in hand and take a decision properly. That is why following one or two tests it is preferable to come to true trading.

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